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Lifelong timepieces, the reliable durable Watch 21.10-2015 Skriv ut E-post
onsdag 21. oktober 2015
 Artikkel fra FUN til våre interesserte samarbeidspartnere i utlandet.

i år 2007 skrev FUN en artikkel beregnet til å fortelle våre samarbeidspartnere og venner i utlande om situasjonen for fagurmakeren her i Norge. 

Denne artikkel er i dag 8 år senere, blitt hyperaktuell og vi velger å legge den ut på våre hjemmesider.
 Oslo, Norway March 13, 2007.



Lifelong timepieces, the reliable durable Watch



The organization “Professional Watchmakers of Norway (PWN)”, has taken the obligation to preserve the watch making craftsmanship in Norway, to establish a proper watchmaker education and contribute to an economic healthy development of the small, independent watchmaker businesses. In this context are we looking for watch manufacturers who together with PWN can develop a high quality watch. This watch will act as pilot product and be promoted by professional and reliable watchmakers throughout Norway.


We have for a long time missed the traditional, reliable common mechanical wristwatch, sold for an honest price, based on a reliable price - quality ratio. We have over years had a dream of re-establishing the traditional mechanical quality wristwatch with a sturdy 30mm movement with 17 or 19 jewels, (upper and lower jewelled bearings for the barrel arbour), micro regulator, and subsidiary seconds. The movement should be equipped with a high quality escapement and balance, with 18000 bph.  This involves re-creating the traditional 30mm movements used by among others Longines and Omega, the calibers 30L, and 260. These movements were 4mm high and proved to be very durable, and could be regulated to a high degree of precision.


For later upgrade the movement should be made ready for self-winding mechanism and a calendar complication, as well as a power reserve indicator.


Another aspect of this project is to create a product which also contributes to keeping the traditional watchmaker’s craftsmanship alive. Service and maintenance will require future education of watchmakers. Those techniques and skills that go with the watchmaker’s trade will be passed on to future generations.


This watch could also be an element in education at watchmaker schools, and make future watchmakers knowledgeable about this product at an early stage in their career.


Based on the more philosophical aspects we also feel it is important to do something to keep the endangered professional watchmaker as a trade alive. The craftsmanship in general represents a form where a physical activity combined with intelligent behaviour is created in the interchange between, or the dialog between physical factors, use of tools and reflection.


The dialog between reflection and movement leads to a kind of happiness, joy and sudden understanding that might be much less distant than the efforts in hardship that many of us have to go through in order to acquire theoretical knowledge.


Craftsmanship in all forms inherits a kind of silent knowledge, tacit knowledge that we in a cultural historical perspective, have to preserve and develop.


Therefore and on a basis of these assessments we as elected officers of PWN take the opportunity to contact you. The watchmaker’s trade must be looked upon as one part of the many aspects that craftsmanship in general represents. It must be considered as a carrier of the knowledge of and practising micro-motory skills. The watchmaker has his place right in the middle of this multitude of physical knowledge that is represented by craftsmen.


The working title of this project is labelled, “Lifelong timepieces, the reliable durable Watch”. We want by this slogan to set a quality standard for the mechanical wristwatch that also in the future can ensure the traditional craftsmanship a solid base and credibility in a product that also reflects an ethical side, that traditionaly has been inherited by craftsmen through generations.


We feel that our project is a proud defender of this tradition and now we are investigating possibilities to carry on this tradition. With such a product, future watchmakers can be made conscious of the cultural historical tradition they are part of, and thus be given inspiration to continued professional development.


The project must state the quality-demands first, then price. The sale price level should be between SFR. 2.000. -, and SFR. 4.000. -. Wholesalers and agents could very well be removed in the distribution chain to secure a sound profit margin for the producer as well as the retailer. The watch must have a solid quality where the ultimate price/quality ratio is optimal.


Sale and after-sale service should be undertaken of qualified watchmakers with a licence testifying their special qualifications issued by PWN. They will then have all necessary parts for the watchcase and movement.


As you understand have we more questions than answers, we would be more than happy if you could take part in the development of this project.








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